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HHS Seniors taking Workkeys Test – February 2018
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

All HHS seniors will take the Workkeys assessment at Homewood High School on Wednesday, February 21st.  Seniors should report to their assigned testing room by 7:45 a.m.  Students must leave their phones and other electronic devices in their locker as they will not be able to access them during the test or during breaks.  Food and beverages are not allowed in the testing room.  Students may bring a calculator to use on the math portion.  

Workkeys was created by ACT and assesses job skill readiness as well as skills that have been identified by employers as those critical to job success.  The Workkeys assessment focuses on problem solving, critical thinking, and using work-related text.  Results may help seniors identify areas of strength as well as highlight areas needed for improvement in order to be successful in the workplace.  Businesses and industries acknowledge the National Career Readiness Certificate that is issued based on assessment results.  Students in Alabama will take three sections of the Workkeys assessment: Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy.  For more information, please visit and search Workkeys.  Explore sample questions by clicking the links below.

Sample Questions for each Skills Assessment:

If you have questions, please contact Amanda Esslinger, Assistant Principal for Instruction, or Elaine Meeks, Building Test Coordinator, at Homewood High School.

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